Our mission at GRIT-FIT is to become the UKs number 1 in bootcamp and personal training services. Our aim to reach as many people as we can through physical activity brought to your local area, nutritional support & guidance whilst also educating you through-out your transformation every step of the way. Join the GRIT-FIT team because Together We Are Stronger.  


We want to bring our members the best experience possible, to do this we have set a gold standard for bootcamps, no longer can you expect to turn up to a muddy field with no music, no kit and a disinterested trainer! Grit fit partners with only the very best trainers in the area and at each location we can guarantee a fully kitted out room, pumping music and lots of energy. 

We want the boot camp to become a place that breeds results and to enjoy the proccess . To do this the sessions simply are not enough so we have developed an app that.....

  1.  Tracks progress pics.

  2. Weight .

  3.  Steps .

  4.  Nutrition. 

  5.  Has 24/7 support to our trainers. 

  6.  Home workouts.

  7. Recipes.

  8. Most importantly an ongoing education from how much protein to eat to whats a carb the education is a huge priority for us and getting sustainable and long lasting results!

 All boot camp members will have this included in their membership. 

One of our biggest pet peeve with businesses is locking customers into contracts, we offer a service which can be cancelled anytime within a few clicks.
Much love Dan and Ian. 🏋️‍♂️